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Design and organization of an international student competition

A student competition is a good way to increase awareness of a company’s brand and products among students and professors. Trimo, one of the leading innovative manufacturers of facade systems in the world, has devoted a great deal of attention to architects, as they significantly influence the choice of Trimo products in construction projects.

We designed and organized a competition for students of architecture and industrial design between 2007 and 2013. The first prize was the realization of the winning project. The City of Ljubljana provided locations for the implementation of the project free of charge, and the contents of individual projects were always coordinated with the local community according to its wishes and needs. The winning solution was then installed on site.

The possibility of realizing one’s project was an extremely attractive first prize. The first competition was held in 2007 only in Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia. In the following years, however, due to the great interest, the competition was expanded to the whole of Europe and subsequently to the whole world. The number of entries increased with each competition.


2007 Poster

2009 Poster

2011 Poster

2013 Poster