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B2B services for the Port of Venice

“Excellent. As always.”

Alessia de Boni, Port of Venice, about Imago Urbee services

Since 2017, we have designed and organized numerous trade fair presentations for the Port of Venice at specialized events across Europe. We designed a unified brand identity for the presentations. Heavy cargo services are communicated by the slogan “The Art of Breakbulk. Since Forever.”, while the general services of the port are communicated by the slogan “Bridging the World”. These messages relate to the rich, more than thousand-year tradition of maritime trade in Venice. Each event encompasses a wide range of services: in addition to the design and production of the fair space, the design of printed materials, the design and production of video and interactive materials, the organization of presentations at the fair space, and the provision of assistance in contacts with the media and other publics.


The Art of Break Bulk - Branding

Infografika - zemljevidi


Video presentation on elongated LCD screen – Munich 2019