Nova Marine Carriers

Design & Architecture, Video & animation

Presentation in Bremen – Breakbulk fair Europe 2018 in 2019

Nova Marine Carriers is an international shipping company operating an ever-growing fleet of ships. Breakbulk cargo is among their specialities. We started cooperating with them before their first appearance at the Breakbulk Europe event. We designed and produced their trade fair stand for their first and subsequent appearances at the event. Other services provided include brochure design and production and video production.

“Imago Urbee was a delight to work with. They were efficient, always available, and very knowledgeable. Creatively, they supplied the exact type of design and support we needed. Imago Urbee made our first BreakBulk experience a pleasure.”

C. Tobiesen, Nova Marine Carriers



Infografike v brošuri

We prepared a corporate video presentation