In recent years we have successfully completed several international projects for a variety of multinational clients operating in different industries. By understanding the complexity of business-to-business relations and communication, we develop strategies and activities enabling clients – and their brands – to develop long-term active and interactive relationships with their business partners.
We are proactive. We avoid rigid and clichéd solutions.




We have been working for various industrial sectors, but we have particularly rich experience in logistics, transport, production of construction materials, tourism industries and country branding.


We believe that the heart of each project is an interactive communication concept. The concept is the foundation around which content is developed. Our designers then transform the content, messages, and ideas into visually appealing and clear information using a variety of media, including illustration, infographics, print design, presentations, spatial installations, and interactive design.

Branding B2B services and products is one of our key services, as branding in B2B has become increasingly important with the globalisation of the economy. We have vast experience in branding, particularly in B2B and country branding. You can read some of our thoughts on this aspect in our blog section.
Our web-related services include producing comprehensive digital strategies and simple designs for individual web services, the development and production of websites, and managing profiles on social networks based on the principles of performance marketing.
We create tailor-made business presentations with meticulously organised and structured content complemented by eye-catching design. A wide variety of tools are employed to transform the desired information into an understandable and memorable message.

We develop custom-made stands with turnkey solutions. Our typical services include ceeeoncept, design, organisation, engineering, and procurement of stand manufactures. Support services, such as catering, stand assistance, and design of presentation materials, are an integral part of each project. We also provide event, entertainment, and conference organisation.
We provide assistance in entering foreign markets, identifying business, industry, and service partners, and in defining market potential. Additional areas of expertise include the development and adaptation of marketing strategies for new markets and the elaboration of marketing plans for projects and dissemination plans in development projects and projects applying for funds in calls for public tenders.



Projects for the non-profit sector, non-profit projects

At Imago we design and perform also non-profit research, education and dissemination projects. We’ve established a dedicated channel for just such projects and services – Imago Urbee, Institute for Development of Web Content.



Kolektor Video at the Winter Olympic games ’18
9 February 2018
Green Logistics Expo Padua ’18
7 March 2018
Fruit Logistica Berlin ’18 Port of Venice
7 February 2018
Logitrans Istanbul ’17 Port of Trieste
15 November 2017
T&L Munich ’17 Port of Venice
9 May 2017
T&L Munich ’17 Slovenian Pavillion
9 May 2017
Made in Steel Milan ’17 Port of Monfalcone
17 May 2017
Breakbulk Antwerp ’17 Port of Venice
24 April 2017
Breakbulk Antwerp ’17 Port of Monfalcone
24 April 2017
Brochures Port of Koper ’17
9 May 2017
Brochures Port of Venice ’17
24 April 2017
Brochures Intereuropa ’17
9 May 2017
Breakbulk Antwerp ’17 CTS
24 April 2017
TransRussia Moscow ’17 Port of Monfalcone
18 April 2017
Logitrans Istanbul ’16 Port of Trieste
16 November 2016
Breakbulk Antwerp ’16 Port of Venice
23 May 2016
The Art of Break Bulk Brand for Port of Venice
25 May 2016
Event Green Capital ’18
23 June 2016
TransRussia Moscow ’16 Ports of Monfalcone & Trieste
26 April 2016
Breakbulk Antwerp ’16 Port of Monfalcone
23 May 2016
Intereuropa Tailored Logistics
16 March 2016
Transport & Logistic ’15 Port of Koper
30 November 2015
Infographics Port of Koper ’15
15 December 2015
Annual report ARRS
6 June 2015
Transport & Logistic ’15 North Adriatic Ports Association
20 May 2015
Breakbulk Antwerp ’15 Port of Venice
20 April 2015
20 October 2014
Transport & Logistic ’13 North Adriatic Port Association
6 March 2013
Brochure Slovenia Partner ’13
10 October 2013
Just James Marketing Campaign ’13 & ’14
18 November 2013
Expo Real Munich ’08
10 September 2008
Expo Real Munich ’07
10 September 2007
Expo Real Munich ’06
10 September 2006
Trimo Urban Crash ’13
2 May 2013
Trimo Urban Crash ’11
25 March 2012
Trimo Urban Crash ’09
20 May 2009


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